0.43 Released

To support the JBoss Forge2 Beta2 release we released 0.43 on friday. 0.43 is a rather big release with several new features and API changes. Internally we changed how input is parsed so it should be working better with lagging and pasted input.

After some discussion we realized that man (manual pages) would be more fitting in the main repo. During the port to main we also changed how it works. Other stuff we’ve added:

  • CommandValidation

  • Possible to override required options (Option.overrideRequired)

  • Graphics!

  • Better Color support/features

  • Possible to specify color/text-type for options

  • ls/grep/cd commands have been added to extensions (still in beta stage)

For more info, read the Release notes.

Welcome to the new Æsh website!

Another weekend and another attempt to get it right. This time we stole a lot from the brand new wildfly.org web site. I hope Jason et al can forgive us!

We’ve updated the documentation, restructured it and added more sections. Hopefully it should be easier to get around and read up. More info below.


Docs have been updated, but there are still changes in the making…

thats all for now!

0.34 Released

First… - sorry for the lack of documentation updates! Æsh has been continously updated and is used in even more projects than before. After version 0.33 we made some big changes to the API. - we made Æsh multithreaded! The biggest change is that Console.read(..) is gone as you know it. Instead we’ve added a callback (called ConsoleCallback) which will be called whenever the user press enter. Æsh extensions is also pushed to maven and has some very exiting features like less,more and man. More info regarding the extensions will be added later. - and yes, the docs are updated to the latest API changes.


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