0.44 Released

Today we released 0.44. Again with new features and new APIs (no, its not compatible with earlier releases). Validator, Completor and Converter all have the possibility to be invoked by a specific provider. This enables the validator, completor and converter to context aware.

The biggest new feature is variable support. It works similar to POSIX variables and is defined by the export command. Æsh can read&write the variables during startup/shutdown. Another new feature is the AeshContext object which is used to set/get the current working directory. The AeshContext object is used for completors and executors. We also added the possibility to execute a command programatically calling the AeshConsole method executeCommand.

Other changes:

  • Path resolver (still in beta)

  • Filelister improvements

  • Several bugfixes: History, Search, CommandValidator

For more info, read the Release notes.

Ståle W. Pedersen

I'm lead of the JBoss Performance team. I'm also Red Hat Enterprise Representative in OSG Java Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation. Æsh started as a weekend/night project and have grown slowly over time.

Location:  Arendal, Norway

Occupation:  JBoss Performance Team Lead

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