0.46 is out!

After several days of crunching we’ve released 0.46. The BIG new feature in this version is that every command/invocation is run in its own thread. For the user it wont affect you much yet, but in upcoming versions we will implement the possibility for running several commands at once. Sending running commands to the background/foreground at will ++

As always we’ve fixed several bugs, especially a lot of Windows related issues.

PS: be on the lookout for Forge2, rumors say it is around the corner….

Ståle W. Pedersen

I'm lead of the JBoss Performance team. I'm also Red Hat Enterprise Representative in OSG Java Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation. Æsh started as a weekend/night project and have grown slowly over time.

Location:  Arendal, Norway

Occupation:  JBoss Performance Team Lead

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