0.55 is out!

It’s been a long time since we’ve done any updates here, but don’t think we’ve been slacking. On May 29th we released version 0.55!

First we must thank our external contributors that helped made Æsh so much better.

  • Robert Balent, awesome work on path resolver, redirection ++

  • Daniel Cunha, refactoring, cleanups and new commands

  • Helio Frota, refactoring, cleanups

You guys rock!!

Since the last update we’ve made a lot of changes. We’ve added a lot of new features and fixed many bugs. Some of the higlights:

  • Added export command (variables)

  • Added the possibility to interrupt running commands with ctrl-c/ctrl-d

  • Added several new commands; cd, pwd, pushd, popd, clear, grep, cat and touch

  • Enhanced and fixed the path resolver

  • Added result callback when a command has finished

  • Added processing of unclosed quotes

  • Added support for ignoreeof

  • Fixed issue when Æsh is started in the background

  • Fixed several Windows specific issues

  • plus much more

Ståle W. Pedersen

I'm lead of the JBoss Performance team. I'm also Red Hat Enterprise Representative in OSG Java Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation. Æsh started as a weekend/night project and have grown slowly over time.

Location:  Arendal, Norway

Occupation:  JBoss Performance Team Lead

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